Jones Remodel

Design Team: Rodrigo Romero – Status: Completed –

Services provided:

  • Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Permit Processing
  • Responded to RFIs during construction

The Jones Remodel was both an addition and a remodel. The clients believed that the front of the house was too boring and needed to be improved. It had a wide double-pitched tile roof that did not accentuate the entrance. I proposed a double height entry with a large window above the main door. This would accentuate the entrance but would also allow in much needed natural light.

The new entry volume broke the double-pitched roof’s mass, creating an obvious hierarchy that invites people to the main entry door. In addition, as shown in the pictures below, the new roof tile is lighter and more reflective, which absorbs and retains less heat, lowering cooling costs in summer.


They also wanted to adapt the layout to their needs and expand the footprint to include a new family room, larger mater bedroom with walk-in closet, and a larger kitchen and dining area. I personally wanted to make the house brighter by letting in more natural light.


The video below is a “before” and “after” slideshow:

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