Bock House
Views are a major asset of this site and were a big factor in the location and layout of living spaces... In addition, the building was designed to passively heat, cool, and naturally ventilate, and to maximize natural lighting.
Casa Permacultura Rosarito
Site analysis and proposal for a conversion of a single family residence into an ecology center that promotes sustainable design practices. Such practices include rainwater "Casa Permacultura Rosarito"
Casa Sierra
Location: Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
CE Arts Center
The building was designed to welcome anyone to it's rooftop terrace, where they can enjoy beautiful views to the river, park, and neighborhood.
IJ River’s Island Hill Bridge
"...we want to use as little materials as possible. We also want to use recycled or recyclable, and reused or reusable materials where possible and a structure that can be disassembled if needed."
Jones Remodel
The Jones Remodel was both an addition and a remodel. The clients believed that the front of the house was too boring and needed to be improved.
Kayser Residence
"Even without the implementation of solar photovoltaic panels, the house is 42.8% more energy efficient than the standard!"
La Central Beer & Wine Garden
Project Scope: Tenant Improvement and Health Department permit of an existing kiosk for a new food stand serving pre-cooked dishes and a bar and seating "La Central Beer & Wine Garden"
Orta Residence
"I wanted to reduce the building's footprint as much as possible, while limiting site work (grading and excavation), taking advantage of the views, optimizing south exposure for passive heating..."
Tridipanel Booth
If designed right, with Tridipanel, a building can definitely be comfortable all year without the need for mechanical heating and cooling. However, if designed incorrectly, a Tridipanel building can end up wasting a lot more energy than a typical building.
Wickner Residence
Minimal changes in the layout, interior finishes, and exterior landscape significantly increased natural lighting. In addition, natural ventilation was improved by opening up the kitchen "Wickner Residence"
Xtabay Hotel
As opposed to a rectangular building, in which only the rooms toward one side (or 50% of the hotel rooms) would have a view, the spiraled shape of the two buildings allowed about 90 to 95% of the hotel rooms to have an ocean view.