The Wave

Design: Rodrigo Romero

The Wave was inspired by the Utah slot canyons (i.e. the Antelope Canyon) with eroded walls that display layer after layer of sedimented minerals. The canyons were shaped by water, as it rushed down during flash floods for millions of years. In the case of the canyons, the water is the void, or the “negative” and the walls are the mass, or the “positive”.

The Wave shows the water and the sediment as one, both as the “positive”. Made out of layers of 1/8″ MDF (medium density fiberboard), burned to accentuate the wear and tare of the elements, and placed on a reflective black acrylic sheet to mimic the standing water at the foot of a canyon.

This sculpture was my attempt of representing the forces of nature creating beauty by a destructive act. The result (in nature) is breathtaking and soothing. For me, The Wave is definitely soothing, and it always reminds me of the canyons so I would say that this is an example of biophilic design.

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